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Probably one of the Most Accurate Forex Levels Indicator for the Metatrader 4 Platform.

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If you have traded the forex markets for some time, then you’ll realise how important it is to know where the markets are likely to become active… Where the majority of the Big Dogs are trading.

Support Resistance Indicators

There are many support resistance indicators out there that will attempt to identify where the majority of the traders have positions (and I’ve tested most of them), but if you’ve been trading long enough, and you’re reading this, then you’ll probably agree that most of them don’t work that well. This is largely due to the fact they have been incorrectly programmed using generally available information found on the Internet.
The other reason why these standard S/R Indicators fail a high majority of the time is because every “man and their dog” trader is using them. Large players and Institutions will naturally take advantage of the positions being traded around these areas – they became large players for a reason!
Remember, for every winner there has to be a loser. Why keep letting it be you?

sensible level Indicators

Our Metatrader Four Price Action Level Indicators are quite unique, that’s why they work. They are probably one of the most accurate indicators around!
Many trader’s charts are littered with so many indicators, I’m surprised how they can actually see the price and the real nature of what’s happening in the markets.
Remember, most of the successful traders KEEP IT SIMPLE!

keeping it clean and simple

We Do Not Use, MACD’s Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Lines, Fibonacci Fans etc for our decision making, just a relatively good clean unadulterated chart with a few lines.

What do you get in the power levels suite?

There are 6 Indicators in the pack.

1: Scalper-1Minute-5Minute Charts. This Indicator Updates Once Per Day.
2: Short Term-15M-1hr Charts. This Indicator Updates Once Per Week
3: Long Term-4HR Charts. This Indicator Updates Once Per Month.
4: Long Term Zones. This Indicator has the Levels along with the Buy/Sell Zones
(This does not mean just because you are in the buy zone “You Buy!”
It means you can identify more easily the price action and trend)
5: Merged. This Indicator Is an update to the Scalper and Short-Term Levels. It is a combination of the two Indicators merged together. You can use this one on a 1 minute to 1 Hour Chart.
This Indicator can be used on any chart up to the Daily
6: Weekly & Monthly:
This Indicator is normally used by longer term traders.

We do not leave you on your own once you’ve purchased the Powerzone Levels to work it out for yourself!

You also join our Telegram group where there are like minded traders ALL trading the power zone levels. There are some very talented traders within this group who are willing to help you to succeed in trading the power zone levels.

If you are unsure whether the Redknight Powerzone Levels are for you, why not request a template for the pair you generally trade, and test the levels for yourself BEFORE parting with any money.

Why not try out Our PowerZone levels Templates in your Metatrader4 platform this week for yourself BEFORE committing to the full product by downloading from here:
Download a Sample of our Support Resistance Indicators
If you experience any issues unzipping the file You will need a copy of winrar (Which is already in the zip file) to unzip the templates if you do not already have it on your machine.

A few YouTube Videos to Watch

There are many more videos for you to watch on our YouTube Channel

Feedback & Testimonials from happy clients

Comments from people who have purchased the Redknight Power Levels recently:
I just wanted to drop you an email to say a massive thank you for the levels and for your amazing contribution to the trading community. I was very sceptical at first but they are proving to be an indispensable part of my trading now. 

It took a while to get used to having them on the charts and to figure out which ones were the best to use to complement the system I had already built, but now I’ve got the hang of them I can honestly say that they are a work of genius. I don’t get the sorcery behind them, and one day I’d love to buy you a beer and have you tell me all about it, but for now I’ll just accept the fact that, like you say, “they work”.

I hope you haven’t been affected by the adverse weather, and you’re keeping safe and well, we need people like you to have our backs in this business.

Seb bloom - Jan 2021

I’m using your nice indicator. I’m more a trend-trader, not scalping so much. Good luck with your business.

Ray Pendle - Jan 2017

Thank you, I’ll surely show my positive feedback wherever you have a presence.

Dusi Ramarao - Jan 2017


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What we provide and how it works...

We do NOT use the standard formulae that most of the other S/R Level Indicators are derived from.
Our Levels Indicator are tuned to work with all forms of trading strategies, be it a scalper, medium or long term trader.
You will receive three indicators in the package:
1X Scalper for 1-5 minute Charts
1X Medium for 15 minute to 1 hour Charts
1X Long Term for 4 hour Charts and Longer

Please note: The Redknight Power Levels Indicator can be installed on up to three Metatrader Platforms. We will contact you within 4 hours of you placing your order for the three Metatrader account numbers you would like to assign to the Indicator
For additional information before purchasing our FX Power Levels package please contact  [email protected]

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your paypal payment confirmation as soon as you
receive it and include your contact details and
meta-trader account numbers (maximum of 3 accounts)
so that we can prepare the indicators.


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