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There has never been a more challenging and exciting time to trade in the Foreign Exchange Market than now! Traders all over the world with different levels of experience are doing it!
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Deprivation Britain: According to major new studies, poverty in Britain is getting worse...
…even among working families. The global crisis in 2008 wiped out millions of pounds of investors’ portfolios and devalued properties all over the world. Our savings, pensions and insurance policies were threatened, to the extent that many of us lost money through these bankers. The very institutions that were supposed to be managing and protecting our financial interests! Instead the media showcased how government bailed out these institutions with tax payer’s money, after they lost billions of pounds of our investments through poor judgement and mismanagement of funds.
To date they carry on business as usual as though nothing ever happened! Big fat bonuses are still being paid out. Second homes are still being purchased; multiple annual holidays are still being taken. All of these paid for with our money! And if that’s not enough, we have to work longer and harder to make up for the massive shortfall that has occurred in our economy.
UK Statistics show that one in six children live in poverty. Middle class families are now progressively falling into debt as the cost of living continues to rise. People are finding it extremely difficult to maintain a comfortable standard of living without falling behind in their payments.

Although interest rates are at the lowest they have been in years, many families are still struggling to ‘make ends meet’. (I know this first hand as a member of a church which runs a food bank. Week after week working professionals and families with multiple incomes rely on it for their daily bread).

Another compounding issue is the requirement by government for us all to work longer in order to contribute to their pension shortfall. An extra FIVE YEARS longer than the original expectations; And if that’s not enough to make you die early, banks are also not paying much interest on our investments and savings, which means our hard earned cash savings are earning little or nothing and perhaps in reality more so the latter.

Are you fed up of reading things like this in the media?
Is it not time to take back control of your own financial destiny? That’s where I come in!

With a little formal training you will be able to do what our bankers and financial institutions do – that is understand the Stock Market and manage your money yourselves. It’s not at all difficult. Through learning the basics and acquiring a few tricks of the trade you will be ready to go shopping for cash!

Let’s be honest, you’re not getting any younger, and besides, anything could happen to disrupt your present financial security and throw you into financial disarray, between now and your retirement. I’m not trying to scare you but just look around. Does it look as if things are going to get better anytime soon? Do you have a backup plan?
Well financial freedom is just around the corner! Welcome to Red Knight School of Trading – Helping you take control of your financial destiny.

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