Forex Road Map

How much better would your trading be if you had a forex Road Map?


If you are reading this then you are probably looking to make an extra income trading the forex markets or you’ve been trading it for quite some time, but you are at the point of thinking that there has got to be an easier and stress-free way to trading.

Are you one of those of traders who has been trading for quite some time, and your charts are overpopulated with indicators, because somehow you think you are able to make some sense of them and they are going to make you todays next budding trader?

Let me tell you, that Iíve been trading over twelve years and I have made just about EVERY mistake that a forex trader can make and probably some that have not been written about yet!

Yes, Iíve not been far off picking up the monitors and launching them through the office window, because of frustration with the markets, and massive losing trades one after the other!

After around 7 years of pain and continual financial losses, not to forget tens of thousands of pounds spent with so called forex gurus who I thought could show me the answer only to find they knew less than I did, I realised something was drastically wrong. I had hit a point where it was time to either give it up or take a step back for a few months and look at where things were going wrong.

It was during this regrouping process, I decided to strip all indicators from my charts and virtually start again from scratch. As soon I did this and started trading a with a virtually naked chart, this is when price action jumped out and literally hit me straight in the face!

The “Ah Ha” moment had arrived!

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