Our Pressure Levels Templates

Rednight Historical and Pressure Levels Templates-A Roadmap for News Trading

We all know that News is important when trading. It’s generally what moves the market.

Price can react violently when news is around, and you then you wonder why price suddenly stops, turns around, and goes the other way at what we think is a random point.

Around three years ago, I sat down (obviously not going to do this standing up-Lol) and painstakingly mapped out the charts of 24 pairs going as far back as 1970.
Not all charts went back this far, but I had compiled enough data on all the charts to give me a heads up of what can happen when news releases take place; especially high impact news.

I call these templates that I have created my Historical Levels.

Using the Powerzone Levels in conjunction with the Historical Levels

When I’ve got my powerzone Level chart open, I open another chart of the same pair with the Historical levels. I mainly only use Historical levels during news releases. As I mentioned earlier, it is uncanny how price can hit one of these historical levels, turn around, and if price also hits one of the Powerzone levels at the same time, then I’m really interested in taking that trade in the opposite direction whilst the uninformed is jumping in and chasing the trade through fear of missing out on the initial move.
I’m getting ready along with the smart money to go the other way and take them out!
I have priced the Rednight Historical and Pressure levels Templates at £149.00, this ensures it’s not out of the price range of the small but serious trader with potential to succeed.

For £149.00 you get 24 Custom Templates ready to insert into your Metatrader 4 Platform.
The Templates are for the following pairs right up to May 2020 (With the exception of the Treasuries as they do not require updating at time of others):

EURUSD 1971-April 2020
EURGBP Oct 1992-April 2020
EURJPY Aug 1993-April 2020
EURNZD- Jan 1999-April 2020
AUDNZD-OCT 1992-April 2020
AUDUSD-June 1994-April 2020
USDCAD-June 1994-April 2020
USDCHF Oct1992-April 2020
USDJPY NOV 1995-April 2020
GBPAUD-DEC 2008-April 2020
GBPJPY July 1993-April 2020
GBPNZD June 2009-April 2020
GBPUSD June 1995-May 2020
NZDUSD June 1994-April 2020
German DAX Oct-1992-May 2020
NASDAQ 1993-May 2020
Gold-July 1993-April 2020
S&P 500 Sept 1993-May 2020
Crude Oil 1994-May 2020
UK FTSE 100 Jan 2001-April 2020
5 Year Treasury Notes March 2010-Sept 2017
10 Year Treasury Notes May 2009 Sept 2017
30 Year Treasury Notes may 2009-Sept 2017

24 Custom Templates ready to go… That makes each template an investment of £6.25 each!!

Why waste any more time trying to work out how the FX market really works. Jump on board with the banks and the heavy hitters with the RedKnight Historical and Pressure Levels and start making regular returns starting TODAY!!

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